Maybe you’re work late night hours at the office or the gym and you’re eating anything that’s quick and easy, not always the healthiest options and not feeling fit. Maybe you’re a student, putting in too many late hours, being away from home, grabbing snacks or fast foods to sustain you. Maybe you’re a traveling road warrior with limited food options at the airport, gas station stops or hotels. Maybe you’re simply living on the all too popular “bars” and “shakes” that are fine for a snack but have become part of your daily meals or even more. You’ve tried videos, meal portion containers, counting macros, counting calories, counting points, keeping a food journal. You’ve tried the cabbage soup diet, the eat for your blood type diet, the who knows what’s next type of diet….

You know you need a re-vamp, a reinvention of the fabulous, YOU, that you know is in there, but starting is daunting. You really don’t know where to begin. But here you are and if you commit to YOU, WE COMMIT TO YOU. We want to help you find a healthy relationship with REAL, CLEAN food. Food that sustains you, makes you feel great and inspires you to get healthy for life. TOTALLY FIT Meal Plans allow you to BE the best YOU, yet!!!


A Sense of Organization

Knowing that you have a ready-made plan of what to eat and
when with healthy snack choices provided, takes the guesswork out of your busy life.


A Feeling of Energized Calm

Eating the right combination of food for your body makes you feel good. The right food provides you with that sustainable energy and mental clarity for being focused and on the go, while eliminating hunger and/or sugar spikes and drops.


A New Found Relationship With Food and YOURSELF

You will begin to start seeing changes quickly, in your overall energy, sleep patterns,
mood, skin, and appearance. CLEAN eating, REAL food, and loving how ingredients come
together easily and quickly puts you in a “proactive role”, rather than “reactive” to eating whatever is available.
You will feel more in control of you, your health, your wellness and your daily way of living.


WE WILL TEACH YOU how to get back to yourself with eating healthy and feeling great. EVERYBODY deserves to have that relationship with sexy and confident. Let us teach you the foods to eat, the foods you can still love, and the fastest, easiest, most DELICIOUS ways to prepare them!!!!

We do have vegetarian options and we make ingredient substitutions easy.