We often hear, “I just want to feel like myself again since I’ve had this baby or since I’ve had my kids and I want to love that person in the mirror again”. We both empathize tremendously with this sentiment and have been in this VERY situation. We have cried, gorged on ice cream, pizza, and chocolate too many weeks in a row, and have been really hard on ourselves, trying to fit back in the favorite jeans one week after delivery (ummmm…not logical. LOL). The pressure to appear as if you’ve not had a baby BUT to stroll the newborn around in your cool mom attire can be exhausting.

The phrase, “lose the baby weight” is so over-rated, over used and slightly offensive. We do not believe that any woman should ever be made to feel that there’s something inadequate or less than, in any way for not “getting back to pre-baby weight” immediately. We have created a human life, a person who will make a difference in their lifetime and mamas deserve a break.

That said, we know the great emphasis on this but every woman’s body works differently. Hormones, metabolism and genetics play a partial role, add in nursing/lactation as well as any other situation such as maternal illness or surgery and the equation varies greatly.

After a great deal of time, three children between us, discussion and tears, the biggest steps that can truly change your body after baby are these:

Take A Moment and Relax

You owe it to yourself to take a breath (breathe in that beautiful baby scent) and snuggle.
Having a baby is one of the biggest things that will ever happen in your life and take the time
to bask in it and enjoy it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The time with the little
ones are fleeting (the days seem long but the years so short). Be present and try to enjoy it
while still making YOU a priority (through those blurry, tired eyes.)


Don’t Jump Back Into Exercise and Do Too Much Too Fast

This is an easy one that we see a lot for women who think that “more is more” and
experience burnout, running on lack of sleep, trying to keep up the home front,
be the perfect mom and partner. Ease back in slowly with some low intensity workouts and your
body will tell you when it’s ready to “run”, so to speak.

Eat WELL, Eat CLEAN, Don’t Bother Counting Calories Or Macros
Or Whatever The Buzz Word I
s Now

We cannot stress this one enough. PI is a mantra we live by: be your own PI (private investigator),
make sure you can PI (pronounce it, ALL of it, everything you choose to consume), and PI (prep it).
If you’re not prepping your meals and snacks, statistics show we reach for anything quickly available.
Meal prep is essential (which we teach in detail in our videos. If you eat clean, there’s no need
to bother tracking steps, counting calories, eliminating foods, depriving or starving yourself…
it’s exhausting, it’s not fun, and frankly, it’s not sustainable. No one wants to count food items for a lifetime.
Life is about living and having fun, and food is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not work.
We teach you how to eat clean, real, pure food. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.
Feed your soul and find the happiness you deserve.


WE WILL TEACH YOU how to get back to yourself with eating healthy and feeling great. EVERY woman deserves to have that relationship with sexy and confident. Let us teach you the foods to eat, the foods you can still love, and the fastest, easiest, most DELICIOUS ways to prepare them!!!!

We do have vegetarian options and we make ingredient substitutions easy.