How do our meal plans help you eat the right foods and which ones?
Top foods to eat during pregnancy

Food How We Use Them
Whole grains We work whole grains into your day: maybe oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich on whole grain bread at lunch, and quinoa, whole wheat pasta or brown rice for dinner.
Greens We work in your greens in our  stir fries, omelets, and more!
Eggs We love our eggs in scrambles, quick quiches, and more.
Yogurt We blend yogurt with fruit into smoothies, layer with granola in a breakfast parfait, substitute for sour cream or mayo in sandwich spreads, dips and salad dressings.
Dairy free calcium choices: Greens are a great vegetable source of calcium! Using a variety of greens will help you gain plenty of calcium along with lots of other essential nutrients. 
Food How We Use Them
Vegetables and Fruits We ensure our meal plans are full of color so you are eating the rainbow!
Wild Salmon We have multiple recipes you will love, including salmon cakes and ginger-soy baked salmon. We always remind you to fully cook fish to eliminate the risk of undercooking or raw consumption.
Not A Fan of Fish?  We have wonderful recipes for our vegetarian and vegans.
Avocado We use them in many different recipes for you.
Oats We use oats in obvious and discreet ways such as smoothies.
Lean Meat We use lean meats in a variety of ways to keep your taste buds happy. We always remind you to fully cook all meat to eliminate the risk of undercooking or raw consumption.
Not a meat eater? We offer a variety of vegetarian options and substitutions!

We will teach you how to eat for a healthy pregnancy while giving your unborn baby the most nutritious foods for optimal development from the start, while still feeling sexy and confident.

Let us teach you!