Tis The Season To Fall Off

October hits, it’s getting a wee bit chilly, but you have some nice days and also want to fit into that cute costume to take your little one trick or treating.  You have a few pieces of Halloween candy, you don’t go crazy knowing that your sweet tooth can sometimes take over you completely.  December hits, you’re running into family members you haven’t seen in a while, so you’re still working hard to keep that nice figure to impress them.  Christmas pics with the baby you’ll forever keep.  January, February, March.  It’s about 26 degrees outside, your bones are cold, you’re constantly bundled up wearing all black.  Why not order pizza, or maybe stick some yummy french fries in the oven? Ohhhh let’s attack that chocolate tray someone gave you for the holidays! Who cares, nobody will notice you’ve gained weight and you’re a mom, you’re allowed to have gained a few pounds, plus you’re still staying active right?  Doing a little at home workout here and there, a little barre class, 20 min on the treadmill, curling the same dumbbells you’ve curled for the last 4 months, why get sore right?  It’s so damn cold!  Why bother trying?  I looked in the mirror and here I am representing a lifestyle brand and I completely fell off.  I started going through the motions with my workouts, “phoning it in” as they say, and I was having about 5 indulgence meals a week.  I also had a family member in the hospital so I was feeling really “down in the dumps” as our friend Josh would say LOL.  I get a text from Rob, my strength and conditioning specialist and he sends me a video talking to me. Basically, a video of him saying, I’m not progressing and don’t waste his time!  In the years I have trained with Rob, not once has he ever said this to me and I was on TV! So, I took a photo of myself with a newspaper on March 3rd and I said to myself, just because I’m not on TV now, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it my all.  I want to be the best me on or off of TV. It’s April now, and from the moment I took that photo, I got excited to try my damn hardest with my workouts, following my meal plan to a T, waking up with energy for my beautiful baby girl, mentally feeling so motivated and watching my body transform.  I’ll be posting a pic May 3rd to show my progress. I’m getting back to feeling better about myself and getting back on the wagon. It’s ok to fall off, we are all human. We have to just get back on!

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