From the Cha Cha to the Hokie Pokie

I envied those mothers who pick their baby’s up, place them in the high chair, as their little one’s eyes light up as they lick their lips awaiting to get fed.  I have cooked everything you can imagine, cut food into fun shapes, bought all sorts of different foods at the grocery store to try and guesstimate what she might crave that day.  Four trips to the grocery store a week, books, advice from other moms, then I FINALLY found a feeding ritual.  We make eating fun and we eat together.  Her appetite keeps changing so I get creative and make sure to give her all of her food groups. I play baby Einstein, bring her high chair to the dinning room, and we enjoy the music as we eat.  By now, Bobby has gotten use to my theatrical tactics to entertain Jordan while I let her play with her food.

Occasionally she will pick up a bite and put it in her mouth as I cheer her on, but sometimes I have to get into character and really make her laugh as I slip a bite into her mouth to make sure she gets enough food in her sitting.  There have been times Bobby has come down the steps and watched me do the hokie pokie spoon and bowl in hand, (I can only imagine what I looked like).  From doing the Cha Cha in the ring, to doing the hokie pokie in my dining room.  Making a fool out of myself to make my little girl smile and eat is worth every ounce of energy I put in.  Some may say I’m spoiling her, but guess what?  Now months later she’s wiggling and giggling, eating to her music and at her one year checkup, the doctor confessed that she hadn’t seen a growth chart as strong as Jordan’s in weeks.  I looked at the doctor and beamed, I didn’t dare tell her it was because of the Hokie Pokie.

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