Diva Diet-Raise the BAR Challenge:

  • You CAN eat 2 TFM Protein bars EVERY day
  • Breastfeeding friendly. Add a bowl of oatmeal to maintain milk supply. If you’re hungry, your body needs healthy foods to feed you and your baby.
  • We do not cut out carbohydrates
  • Can be tailored for any protein desired (vegetarian/vegan friendly)
  • Meal prep any food ahead of time
  • Pre-portion snacks (like nuts in baggie)
  • Low glycemic fruits (kiwi/berries) help with sugar cravings
  • Coffee is fine. Diet soda in moderation. Limit the fake sugars
  • LOTS of water!! Add fruit for variety
  • Stay aware. Sugar is hidden EVERYWHERE. 4g of sugar = 1 teaspoon
  • HAVE FUN . This is a JOURNEY, not a destination!!!!!!!!!

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