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The “Totally Fit Mama” diet and exercise plan provides a general model for healthy living. It is not a plan specifically designed for you. Prior to beginning any healthy diet or exercise regimen, including “Totally Fit Mama” you should check with your doctor, nutritionist, or other health care provider to make certain the recommendations are right for you. The diet and exercise plans are not designed for particular nutritional needs, allergies or medical conditions.

The goal of the “Totally Fit Mama” program is to promote a fit lifestyle by you making good choices while shopping for food and having you prepare wholesome foods in a healthy way. The diet selections and cooking methods are not intended to diagnos, prevent, treat or cure any medical condition.

Totally Fit Mama, LLC does not offer and will not represent that its diet and fitness programs have any warranty express or implied as to its reliability, fitness for any purpose or suitability of the information contained in its videos and written materials for weitght loss or improving fitness. Totally Fit Mama, LLC is not liable for any loss, damage, injury, or cost associated with or resulting from the use of its information or materials. As a consumer, you must assure yourself through the advice of your professional health advisors that the recommendations contained in the “Totally Fit Mama” plans are appropriate for you.

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