Crappy mom syndrome today?

Did you look In the mirror toward the end of the day when you lost your cool more than a dozen times, felt like you didn’t take the time to make healthy “enough” meals all while you devoured that last piece of stale cake because it was just good enough to not waste and now you feel terrible having eaten it? Yep. Live that dream too. Did you wake up to cat barf all over your island as the toddler dropped the syrupy waffle on his school clothes crying he needed another outfit and the baby just woke up fussy and unaffected  to even Mickey on TV? Been there. Welcome to mom life day 1,479. That’s year four for those of your running quick math. 

Didn’t you SWEAR this was the year (or the month)  you were going to take better care of YOU? To exfoliate more, to shave more, to use more sunless tanner? Ok ok, how about just the commitment to that daily shower? Yes yes, we’ve all made such funny promises to ourselves in the moment that we’ve put on our full face of make up and done our hair for the first time quite this detailed in 1,483 days. (That’s a few days prior to the oldest ones delivery). Yaaaaaaa.  

So everything feels overwhelming and exhausting and the laundry feel relentless (we can’t even discuss the housework that seems like a moot point having kiddos). One thing we know that we can always depend on? The secret club of mamas who just “get it”. You know, where you see each other in the grocery story with the little ones in the cart and smile graciously as you watch her kid lick the cart handle and you’re hoping for her she used that damn wipe prior to putting him in because you just know that norovirus will be wreaking havoc in her home (and then you wonder how close she lives to you in unreasonable fear). It’s a never ending cycle of  panic and worry.

We try to think back as we reminisce with our childless friends who wear their designer clothes with such pride and those heels with such stature. We WERE those ladies! The ones who can reapply lipstick after a business lunch where they enjoyed adult conversation and sparkling water and being waited on by the sexy, young, waiter who notices her skirt as she sits down. 

Yep. We once felt admired too. 

But it’s ok mamas. We are all part of that club and we are here to tell you, it’s ok to have a crappy day in the life of mom. Just know, those littles still think you’re pretty fabulous. They actually loved the mac n cheese for the third day. Why? Because you let them have it as a picnic lunch on a blanket in front of the TV. So what if you forgot the fruit? It’s ok. You lost your cool because you’re on day 5 solo with a traveling spouse? That’s ok too. He respects what you do and wishes he were home more to help. And he loves you like crazy even as you want to scream at the idea he can order room service in his hotel! So, instead of all the negative self talk we have all become such veterans of, let’s look in the mirror, take a breath, count to 10 and say, I’m not perfect but I’m pretty damn good and this too shall pass. In those moments where you’re still in pajamas at Kindergarten drop off, go home, have a dance party with the baby, take in that baby smell that will be gone this time next year and smile. Know that you ARE enough. 

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