Collaboration with Susan G. Komen For the Cure

I’m so excited about my collaboration with Susan G. Komen for the cure.  As all of you know I’ve dedicated myself to women’s health awareness since my retirement from wrestling.   Breast cancer hits very close to home for me because of so many women I know that have battled this disease.  Susan G. Komen has worked rigorously to fight against breast cancer by working with doctors to find the cure by extensive research.  The organization has built funding to provide treatment for families with low income, helping them with childcare while they are getting treatment, transportation to and from doctors visits and the list goes on.  Susan G. Komen also provides therapy for the emotional impact that occurs to the individual undergoing treatment.    I have done so much research on this organization and I’m still learning about the amazing things Susan G. Komen is doing for the community when it comes to breast cancer.   I’m beyond honored to be a part of this movement to give back to those in need.  I’m sure once you visit you’ll see why I’m so passionate about being part of such a heart felt cause. Please take a moment and learn more about Susan G. Komen.  Join us on the frontlines.

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